CELINE CIMON  ~  Painting and Sculpture

About the artist

Born in Quebec City, Celine Cimon graduated from a program called "Esthetique de Presentation" in Ste-Foy, Quebec. The focus of the program was three-dimensional expression through the use of various materials and mediums, including photography, woodworking, welding, airbrushing, architectural rendering, color theory and plaster casting among others. 

In 1981 Celine moved to Toronto, learned English and began to apply her knowledge of

three-dimensional art and design.  From 1981 - 1988, she worked in architectural model-making and in special effects as a sculptor for the film industry.  During this time, she explored and perfected her woodcarving approach and color style. In 1999 Celine introduced the use of Hydrostone (plaster) and fiberglass allowing her to create larger and lighter sculptures and in some cases, limited editions.

Celine expanded to the painting medium in 2003, where she could focus on her other love: color. Creating bolder, deeper shapes on canvas enables her to continue her sculptural tradition while exploring new trompe-l'oeil techniques in 2-D.

Venturing away from a very controlled airbrushing technique, Celine is also entering into the world of "impromptu" style.  Using a simple brush, acrylic, sometimes oil pastels and a multitude of colored layers, she creates an end result resembling an encaustic finish with a definite depth and 3-D effect.‚Äč