CELINE CIMON  ~  Painting and Sculpture

Carving Color


In sculptural work, I carve the spirit using a juxtaposition of shape, texture, pattern and color to create a visual experience of peace, harmony and healing. Soft, wave-like curves, a smooth and polished texture and minimal lines are my creative tools. I add a kinetic effect by introducing patterns of lines or dots and striking color combinations.

In painting, I transpose the three-dimensional view of my sculptures on canvas by creating surfaces that give the illusion of movement and flow.  Using motion parallax and the illusion of 3-D, the viewer is drawn into the energetic flow.  The painting/airbrushing technique I use enables me to create the appearance of deeper and more dramatic folds on the flat canvas surface that would be almost impossible to execute  in sculpture.

My work appears in public and private collections throughout North American and Europe.